Our church is held together and grows through its members. We can bless High Wycombe best when we work together.

We encourage any Christian who is interested in worshiping with us regularly to become a member of our church.  Although we are a Baptist church, you don’t have to be baptised to become a member, you just need a sincere faith and a willingness to partner with us as we seek to serve God in our community.

Primarily we understand membership in terms of relationship. As humans we’re better off together than just as single individuals. Relationships work best when those involved give unconditionally to each other. This is the kind of membership we’re trying to aspire to.

As a member, you’ll be able to share your heart for where you believe we should be heading, through our regular church members meetings. You can contribute your skills and gifts in leadership to benefit others rather than just yourself.  The minister and leadership will be actively encouraging your faith and concentrating on cheering you on, and you’ll have the opportunity and privilege to take responsibility for our collective financial well being.

It’s a special moment when you enter into an unconditional relationship, and it takes time to prepare. Hang around at TBC for a while and pray and seek God about whether He is calling you to relate to those already here. if you think He is, then speak to the minister or the deacons about the next step.

We know we’ll be better for having you around and we’re looking forward to getting to know you more as we continue to follow Jesus into our community.